Sunday, July 11, 2010

mmmm... yummy!

One of my fondest childhood memories was picking blackberries near my Grandpa & Grandma's house in Northern California.  We'd pick as many as we could and bring all most some of them home so my Grandma could make a blackberry pie.

So when my father-in-law told me they had a huge area full of blackberries right next to their cabin, I had a flood of wonderful memories filling my brain!

So a few weeks ago we packed our lunch, headed to the cabin, I put the girls down for a nap, and we went blackberry pickin'! 

Such a rush of fantastic memories ~ the only memory I apparently left out was the one where I got poked by all the thorns!

1 comment:

TxSizeHull said...

Lori - Your pictures are just phenomenal right now! Nice job.

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