Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Warp Speed

Time isn't just going fast, it's going in warp speed right now.

I'm sure people I talk to are sick of hearing me say how I "can't believe how fast time is going."

But really.  I can't.

Half of 2010 is gone.  Gone!

And months like June have been no help ~ me and the kids spent the first week and a half visiting my family in Omaha ~ the photography workshop has been consuming my life (ok, maybe that's a little drastic) ~ I have had 3 for real - for practice photo shoots (another sneak peek was posted today) ~ I assisted photographing another wedding ~ Evan and I took a little weekend road trip to St. Louis ~ Evan did a week-long summer camp (a couple hrs each day) ~ plus all the odds and ends and in-betweens ~ and life is just not stopping.

{By-the-way, I have TONS of pictures I want to post from all the above listed events, and much more, I just have been so consumed with all the goings-on that I haven't had a chance...}

Having such busy times in our lives makes me stop and think - am I focusing my time and energy on the right things?  Should life be so busy right now?  Is life ever NOT going to be so busy?

And I really don't know the answer.

I just know that I am extremely grateful that I get to stay home with my kids ~ because I wouldn't have these opportunities to do what I get to do with them, or do what I'm doing for myself. 

The End.

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