Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My little man is growing up...

My little man graduated preschool.  Well, sort of.  He still has another year before kindergarten, but there was still a really cute ceremony last week on his last day of school!

Evan was the only one that didn't want to sing...

...at first.

Around the time itsy bitsy spider was up, he was ready to sing along.

And when he got his diploma he was beaming.  (Hey, Mom - take note that he is NOT crying because he has to wear a hat... :)

And so were we...

Funny moment of the day, Evan was asked where his sisters were and he responded "in the van." (Only funny because they weren't actually in the van.) That's just the last place he remembered seeing them.  We took them to a daycare in town so we could have some much needed Mommy, Daddy and Evan time - which may also have included some ice cream and a trip to the park!

And lastly, I stumbled on this gift idea for Evan's teacher...

...bottled water with a packet of tea tied to it, and a bag with smores ingredients! So easy, SO cute! I love creative people who are willing to share!

Here are the links for the printables if you are interested:
S'more teachers
TEA-rrific teacher

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