Monday, May 31, 2010

This bites

Ok, so "This bites" is both literal and figurative.

The girls are entering a stage that I really don't like.

Not that biting is new, but they are starting to leave marks and bruises these days.

We have had really bad experiences when it comes to biting.  Not gonna drudge it up in its entirety, but long story short we moved Evan to a new daycare when we lived in St. Louis because he was getting bit so frequently and nothing was being done about it.  (most daycares have policies regarding biters)  But regardless of the fact Evan was getting bit, I was always happy our child wasn't the biter.


Fast forward a bit - the deciding factor in separating the girls into their own cribs when they were 9 months old, was because Brynn was biting Avery.

Fast forward a little more - I used to put the girls in the same crib to play while I showered, until I'd come out of the shower and Avery would be screaming bloody murder because Brynn bit her. 

And now - Avery has started to return the favor.  I think most of it is teething, but a little of it seems to be aggression and not knowing how to express their frustration at this point.

And unless I'm a foot away to break them up before they can chomp down... like in this instance:   
(although it does kinda seem like Avery was asking for it by sticking her fingers in Brynn's mouth, huh?)

...I'm gonna be dealing with tears.  And bruises.  On arms.  And shoulders.  And sometimes the face.

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Never Too Busy said...

This definitely reminds me of the "Charlie bit me" Youtube video when the boy puts his finger in his little brother's mouth and gets bitten. And I was definitely a biter when I was younger :-(

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