Thursday, April 29, 2010

The UPdate of all UPdates!

So, a recent email made me realize that I update my blog without really giving much update on our lives... I think in the back of my blogging-mind I figured I could just devote entire posts on each of these topics at some point, but then it seems overwhelming and I don't ever get around to doing it (ie: all my new recipe posts that still aren't done)... so I figure I'd try this instead:

*My husband and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary this week
*Evan just turned 4
*Avery & Brynn are just shy of 15 months old
*my ears are still ringing
*I started a "couch to 5K" running program 6-ish weeks ago (and I'd consider myself the poster child of disliking running - well used to)
*I began a yoga class a few weeks ago *love*
*I've been seeing a chiropractor for a few months for the ear ringing, low back "clicking"
*I LOVE watching my children interact with each other
*I can't believe how independent Evan is becoming *sniff*
*I can't believe how the girls are becoming little people so quickly
*I am thinking/hoping to start my own vegetable garden this spring
*I am moving in the direction of calling myself a photographer for real (possibly the scariest thing I've said out loud)
*My brother just got married a couple weeks ago
*I photographed their wedding (with my very limited lighting and experience, it didn't turn out too bad!)
*We still haven't found a church here to call our family :(
*My Dad has had several surgeries on his eyes since the 1st of the year (please pray for healing)
*We have Kindermusik, storytime at the library and preschool that keeps us busy during the week
*I am getting ready for 3 garage sales in the next few weeks (not at my house, fortunately)
*I have had some great opportunities to volunteer and join various clubs over the past several months (busy, yes, but so rewarding!)
*I signed Evan up for swim lessons this summer (NOT looking forward to being in a bathing suit in public)
*I signed Evan up for a fun (I hope) week-long morning summer camp that is in the park behind our house!
*We are taking Avery to see an allergist next week to see what might be causing her eczema to flare up (we've thought anything from bananas, to peanut butter, to teething)
*Brynn had an allergic reaction to either penicillin or shell fish a few months ago
*Me and a friend are starting a bunco group next month
*We've been fortunate that Dan's company has an office in Omaha where we have been able to combine his business trips with visits to my family
*Evan loves telling stories and using his imagination (very hard still to get him to understand the difference between reality & make-believe)
*Avery loves to cuddle and be motherly
*Brynn loves books (haven't ever mentioned that, have I?)
*trying LOTS of new recipes (but still not doing a good job posting them...)
*possibly the biggest news of all is Evan's news flash that I posted about yesterday... if he really does keep it up with this new toy, I'm sure I'll post about it and reveal the new favorite toy!

I'm sure I've forgotten something in the midst of the craziness that is our life, and really, when I'm just living each day, it doesn't seem like much, but now that I look back through that list... we've had a lot going on.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see which is his new favorite toy.

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