Saturday, April 17, 2010

We live on earth, silly

A recent conversation at breakfast:

Evan: Is daddy still in bed?

Me: No, daddy is already at work.

Evan: Why?

Me: Well, because he has to make money for us to live on.

Evan: I thought we lived on earth?

This conversation might not seem like much, but it really got me thinking.

Such a simple concept.

We live on earth.

God gave us ample resources on this beautiful earth to "live on."

But we don't.

We live on money.

I'm still sorting this conversation out in my head, so this may seem like a strange post, but let's just say I'm trying to figure out more ways to live on earth instead of live on money.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely profound, what a brilliant Grandson I have. Thanks for pondering.

Elaine said...

What an incredible perspective. I believe this is why God puts kids on earth... to teach us adults a thing or too. Love the way you think.

Sharie said...

Isn't it neat what God teaches us through our children? Perceptive of you to ponder this.

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