Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh so happy!

Bringing a smile to my face, Why Men Can't Cry awarded my blog with its first award!  The "Happy 101!"  

The rules of this award are to list ten blogs and ten things that make you happy. 

The ten blogs:

This is Our Life - This is a friend from H.S., and really the first blog I ever read, I love to keep up to date on her family, and she really has a great perspective on parenting (and her husband posts as well - a great combination)!

The Larson Adventure - Another friend from H.S., they just had a baby recently and I am loving watching her baby grow!

Hannah in the Kitchen - Yet another friend from H.S., and her yummy sweets make my mouth water! 

Texas Size Hull - A friend of my family in AZ, I get to see pics of my extended family, and she has a lot of fun, creative ideas on her site - most recently her son's Thomas birthday party! 

Black Lung Crayola - Another friend who is on a brave mission to quit smoking after I-don't-remember-how-many-years!   It's a neat concept for a blog, and I think it has great potential to inspire others to quit smoking.

Everything That is Nice - I found this blog from a friend, and she has such *nice* projects (one of which I am attempting right now). 

Pioneer Woman - This is just a great blog, she has no idea I exist, but I love her photography, recipes, and the giveaways (I haven't won anything yet, but I'll sure keep trying) ~ and it's just a beautiful blog.   

A Year of Slow Cooking -Perhaps the most influential blog I've read - I started cooking with her recipes, and that really sparked a true love of cooking!

Knock Off Wood - This is a newly found blog (actually, I think I found the link from Everything That is Nice) - and it inspires me to want to start building things!  I haven't yet, mostly because it's too cold to go out in the garage and start working (and I'm a wimp) (and I have too many other "projects" to do), but I may try to build a simple shelf sometime this summer... we'll see!

Heaps of Laundry - Last, but certainly not least ~ this is another blog I recently found through a friend on facebook - they post projects for little kids - which is perfect, I am horrible at thinking of projects for the kids (well, just Evan right now), and this blog has some great ideas!

And the ten things that make me happy:

~Being with my family and friends
~Reading to my children 
~Beautiful photography
~Baking cookies
~Licking the spoon after baking cookies... totally.  after.  not during.  (that would be gross)
~Fixing a problem
~Finishing a project
~Unexpected kindness

Thanks for making me smile!  It really wasn't my intent to take two weeks to finish this post, but my brain has been consumed with planning Avery & Brynn's birthday party - pictures to-be posted soon eventually! 

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julia d. hull said...

Hey Lori - First, awww, thanks for mentioning our blog as a fav to read! Now that I know this, I'll be sure to get more pics of the extended family up there. :o) Second, we BOTH have Pioneer Woman on our blogroll - hahaha! I guess the the world of blogging is also a small world! By the way, I LOVE that picture of the kids in the reading nook. The colors came out so warm, beautiful!

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