Thursday, February 25, 2010

1 year check up

Last week I took the girls to their 1 year check up.

Avery - birth - 7lbs 15oz, 19-1/4"
Avery - 2 mo. - 10 lbs 2oz, 22-3/4"
Avery - 4 mo. - 14lbs 10oz, 25-3/4"
Avery - 6 mo. - 17lbs 10oz, 26.5"
Avery - 9 mo. - 20lbs 7oz, 28"
Avery - 1 yr. - 23lbs, 30"

Brynn - birth - 6lbs 7oz, 19-1/4"
Brynn - 2 mo. - 9lbs 8oz, 22-1/4"
Brynn - 4 mo. - 13lbs 13oz, 25-1/4"
Brynn - 6 mo. - 17lbs, 27"
Brynn - 9 mo. - 19 lbs, 29.5"
Brynn - 1 yr. - 21lbs 7oz, 29-3/4"

Since their 1st birthday, Brynn has gotten her 5th tooth and has been doing her darnedest to start walking. She makes us laugh daily - her latest efforts are to push her siblings off of chairs she wants to sit in, or my lap. And if she isn't getting her way she has this new high pitched scream she has been experimenting with. yay for that. I can't even say enough how much she loves books - she just sits and stares at them while turning the pages, and if she wants me to read one, she brings it to me.

Avery is our little walker, all those calories she is burning she makes up with eating - she is a great eater - I think the only thing she doesn't care for is asparagus. Avery adores her siblings, and is always trying to imitate her big brother, if he is laughing, so is she. She loves to play with her dolls and give them hugs, no surprise given how cuddly she is anyway!

They have both been on one nap a day (with a few exceptions here and there) since 11 months. We stopped giving them bottles as soon as they were a year, they weren't real thrilled with it, but we never offered a bottle and we haven't looked back since! I think their absolute favorite food is sweet potato oven fries - I can't get them on their plate fast enough!

These photos were done for the girls' 1st birthday by Angie from Jungling Photography. Love her, she has done such a great job, I can't even say that enough! The butterfly wings were found at Reiman gardens in Ames, and were the inspiration for the girls' butterfly themed party (which I still plan to post pictures... eventually) - and I actually made the tutus!!

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The Family said...

The pictures are great! The girls look adorable and their outfits are the cutest!

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