Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Letter to Brynn

To My Angel, Brynn ~
At 12:40pm, on February 2nd, 2009 - you joined our family. I call you my angel because of the amount of patience you have ~ I am given opportunities to learn patience from your siblings, but you are showing me how to do it.

The games you love to play are opening and closing cabinets or drawers (fortunately I think you finally got the hang of NOT closing them on your fingers anymore), and pulling everything out.  You also love to look at books and turn the pages.  You have 4 teeth, and are very proficient at using them to bite everything (sometimes your sister... and me).  You smiled and laughed very early on, and you still love to laugh ~ it is possibly the most infectious laugh I've heard, and I can't help but laugh with you!  You have been trying very hard to walk lately, but at times your left foot turns in and makes you kinda flop to the floor, although the last couple days you have been taking 4-5 steps at a time!

You have such a beautiful personality, like your sister, it was obvious since birth.  You have always been a little more introverted - sometimes preferring to play by yourself, and more comforted by being alone.  You have always kind of been Mommy's little girl, which is quite alright by me.  The amount of patience you exhibit amazes me.  (Mostly because I have very little)  Each new milestone you have mastered has never frustrated you ~ you just keep trying until you have it down.  And you are SO curious.  Every new thing you see requires a lot of observation.  You seem to be drawn to the smallest details (like a tiny piece of fuzz on the carpet, that inevitably ends up in your mouth).   

Some of the words you say are mama, dada, hi, all done (ah duh - and you can sign it).  You have also signed more.  Mostly you are pretty quiet, and just observe your surroundings.  You are a lot like your Daddy, though, when you have something to say - you will say it! 

Happy Birthday Angel,

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