Friday, August 21, 2009

these angels of mine!

When Evan was between 5-6 months of age a photography studio came to his daycare to take "angel" pictures. He has these adorable angel wings behind him, and of course, he looks like a total angel. It's one of my favorite pictures of all time! I wanted so badly to have similar pictures done with the girls around the same time frame.

So, I called on a friend who has a growing photography business (and takes gorgeous photos, really, you should call her!) to come take the pictures. Yes, she came to my house! It was so awesome, she was here for a couple hours, and was wonderfully patient when the girls started to get cranky and wanted their bottles. She even helped feed one! (She has twin girls too, in fact, the girls I learned an important lesson from in this post)

I guess you can imagine, that if it was such a great experience, then we should have great photographs...
You'd be right! :)

Are these girls not scrumptious?

Angie captured the expressions that I see in my kids every day, but can't seem to capture myself. I love, love, love these photographs - and I will cherish them forever!

...and quite possibly the best expression of the day...


Megan said...

Oh Lori - those photos are just BEAUTIFUL and so are your kiddos!!!

Christy said...

BEAUTIFUL photos!!! the drooling ones are my faves. :) too cute!

Sharie said...

Tooo CUTE!! How special to have such great pics. The old cheap cameras w/ expensive film developing that we used (long ago)didn't quite capture things the way they do now. (plus I wasn't a creative/talented photographer) Oh well. Enjoy seeing your little ones growing healthy and happy.

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