Tuesday, August 18, 2009

oh here we go...

I need to vent.

Why would I do it on a blog?

I have no clue. I have been on the verge of crazy lately, so maybe it's all just part of it...

I just finished cleaning poop. Poop off of Evan's butt, his legs, his feet. Poop off of the toilet seat. Poop off the potty seat that is on top of the toilet. And after all that... there was not one single shred of evidence that poop actually made it into the toilet.

To say that I am frustrated would be an understatement.

I'm tired of dealing with poop. How anyone could take care of other people's kids is beyond me. My hat's off to you. Taking care of my own all day has stretched me to limits I didn't even know existed.

There. I did it. I vented.

Now I feel better.

1 comment:

Stacy said...

How about kudos to anyone who has the patience to be a mom. Everytime I grunt and grumble about cleaning the cat box, I'll remember it could be worse....a lot worse.

I know somewhere deep inside I have the patience for motherhood but I sure haven't found it yet.

Hang in....it can only get better??

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