Tuesday, August 11, 2009

6 month check up

I just can't even believe how fast time has been flying by! The girls are past the 6 month mark, and just where did the summer go?!? The kids are all growing out of their clothes faster than I can put them away!! And every time I blink someone is doing or saying something new!

Avery is now sitting up unsupported, up on her hands and knees rocking back and forth - and mostly pushing herself backwards, she can hold her own bottle, she is babbling ga, ba, da - sleeps from around 7ish to 6ish, but still wakes up early on occasion and we have to put her in the swing to sleep longer. We have to hide her bottle from her or she gets upset if we don't give it to her right away(a lot like Evan was with food until he was almost 2-1/2!)

Avery - birth - 7lbs 15oz, 19-1/4"
Avery - 2 mo. - 10 lbs 2oz, 22-3/4"
Avery - 4 mo. - 14lbs 10oz, 25-3/4"
Avery - 6 mo. - 17lbs 10oz, 26.5"

Brynn can sit up while she supports herself, will roll anywhere she wants to go (and she is very focused on where she wants to be), she is very good with using her hands - she will pass toys back and forth between her hands and grab something with purpose - and she sleeps like a dream - also from 7ish to 6ish, but rarely wakes in the middle of the night... like, twice, maybe! She also loves to play peek-a-boo with anything she can get her hands on!

Brynn - birth - 6lbs 7oz, 19-1/4"
Brynn - 2 mo. - 9lbs 8oz, 22-1/4"
Brynn - 4 mo. - 13lbs 13oz, 25-1/4"
Brynn - 6 mo. - 17lbs, 27"

We have two very happy babies. They don't take pacifiers, and really don't cry unless they have a gassy tummy, are hungry, or are tired! We have been having fun trying new fruits and veggies (homemade!), but Brynn doesn't really care for the homemade green beans or peas... we've tried Gerber's and she eats those just fine!

I am having a much harder time carrying them both at the same time. I'm starting to get bruises on my arms where I have the car seats resting when I carry them both... pretty soon I won't be able to take them many places by myself if it's not double stroller-friendly!!

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Valerie said...

Wow Brynn's hair looks really red in this picture.

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