Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The 1st day...

In lieu of a 10 on 2sday post, I am finally getting around to posting Evan's 1st day of Kindergarten pictures!! 

He has been having a great time at school so far and has come home excited and ready for the next day!  I think he is loving the freedom and 'responsibility' he gets now.

It's definitely been an adjustment for us.  Mornings are certainly more chaotic getting everyone out of the house in time, and having him gone is just weird right now.  The first day the girls kept asking where Evan was, and I think we were all watching the clock that day.  They still ask for him.

The best quote I've seen in a while was from a friends' facebook status last week as all the kiddos were starting back to school: 
A Mother's job is to teach her children to not need her anymore. The hardest part of that job is accepting success!



Christy said...

he is such a handsome fellow!!!

TxSizeHull said...

What a GREAT quote - love it. Amazing pics as always, LOVE the close up of Evan, absolutely stunning!!

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