Tuesday, July 26, 2011

10 on 2sday

whooo boy... where to begin...

1.  It's entirely possible the girls weren't the ones who dismantled the door knob cover.  A couple days after the incident Evan made some random comment about getting stuck in the girls' room.  We asked him if he was the one who took the cover off and he answered yes.  We never really know what that means.  It could mean yes.  It could mean no.  It could mean he's just running us through the ringer.  I put the cover back on the door knob and they haven't escaped since...

2.  Yesterday was Dan's birthday.  We did a family celebration over the weekend, and yesterday I pulled off the first surprise of our marriage.  (I am terrible at keeping surprises from Dan).  I dropped the kiddos at daycare and stole Dan from work to take him to lunch.  Not a big shocker or anything, but it wasn't something we've ever had a chance to do... When he got home from work... we had our obligatory 'dance-in-the-kitchen-to-red-skies-at-night'.  The girls think he's pretty awesome.  I agree.

3.  Evan picked out Dan's birthday cake this year... 

4.  In the past few weeks I've been to my friends bridal shower (well, technically I helped host it) and another friends wedding and I didn't take a SINGLE PICTURE at either event!!  Now THAT is news.  I must admit, it was nice being able to just enjoy the time and not worry about being the photographer... there were plenty of others documenting the events, so I just got to sit back and enjoy!  

5.  The kiddos had swim lessons a couple weeks ago.  I ended up having them all in private lessons.  I had planned it that way for the girls - that way I could be in the water with their instructor and it could be one on one.  They all did great!  I can't even describe the pride I felt when Evan 'conquered his fear' and went off the diving board by himself.  By the end of the two weeks he was running and jumping off!

Seriously... this hair...

6.  This is one of the many reasons I should never try to be productive while the girls are awake:

This has happened enough times that I should know better... and yes, we have tried locking the pantry... it didn't work.
7.  Evan starts kindergarten in less than a month.  Yes I just said that.

8.  I have been working on cutting pop back out of my diet.  I knew I had a problem when I was starting to drink 2 pops a day last month.  I've been doing alright with it... and most importantly, I'm not beating myself up for having a pop once a week now.

9.  Evan was supposed to have surgery this week to remove the tubes in his ears.  They've been in there for over four years now and it's time to get them out... but he has swimmers ear right now, so the doctor postponed the surgery.  He had some drainage that cleared on its own a couple weeks ago, and the doctor couldn't see the tube in that ear... so I'm hoping there is a chance the tube in the other ear will finally plop out on its own and we can avoid the surgery all-together!!

10.  We have been having some nasty hot and humid weather around here and last week we had a storm roll in and provide a little short-term relief... with the storm were some of the craziest clouds I've ever seen...



The Family said...

Nick and I try to get away and have a "lunch date" every once in a while--- it is great. It may not seem like much, but every little bit of alone time matters.

TxSizeHull said...

#2 - I've surprised Greg successfully ONCE in our 12 years of marriage. I've attempted many times and failed many times. It sucks.

#5 - I can't tell if that's Avery or Brynn in the last picture but that expression of her is hilarious! It could almost be "Hey you gonna help me with this thing or just stand there and take pictures?' Bawahhaaa!

#6 - Based on your picture, I have to share this with you, it so applies to you and your season of life right now. Scroll down to the picture of cereal on the floor (just like your picture) and read what Stacy writes.

#9 - Will say prayers for Evan!!

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