Thursday, March 10, 2011

Duh, Dad... solar system style...

Evan has been much more conversational these days.  And of course, kids say the darnedest things...  But I've got to say, Evan had both me and Dan stumped with this recent conversation....

Dan was looking at a drawing that Evan made, which was of the planets.  [A little background first; last month in preschool they talked about earth (and I'm assuming they talked about other planets in our solar system?), and Evan has a Wall-E Leapster game that also talks about planets, and outer space... so I'm guessing that's where he picked up on this stuff ~ and the pre-drawn picture has nothing to do with what Evan was drawing... so try to ignore it in the background!]

Dan asks Evan: Wow, what is this big yellow circle?

Evan: That's the sun.

Dan: Is the brown one Earth?

Evan: Yep.

Dan: How about this big blue one?

Evan: That's Neptune.

Dan: Well, where is Pluto?  [attempting to trick Evan]

Evan: Pluto isn't a planet anymore, Dad.

uh... I think my jaw hit the floor at that point...

And out of total curiosity... and because I don't even know the order of our planets without looking it up... I looked it up...

The site I found was actually pretty neat ~ Evan and I looked through it together, and he got quite the kick out of it... and sure enough... he rattled off each planet, in the exact order!

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