Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Easter Celebration Weekend

We had such a great Easter weekend, first I took Evan, Avery & Brynn to a local park on Saturday for an Easter Egg hunt (yes, by myself - was scary, but boosted my confidence). We arrived a little late to find any eggs, but Evan was totally cool with playing on the playground. I got a little freaked out when he decided to get onto the equipment in the most unsafe way possible (in my mommy eyes), and slide down the biggest slide, ever (again, mommy eyes)! But Evan never ceases to amaze me - he did great (of course - silly, mommy for being worried)!

There was a Bumble Bee and an Easter Bunny at the park - Evan went right up to the Bunny, shook his hand and gave him a hug - but when it came to the Bumble Bee - HECK NO! He wouldn't go near him. He wasn't screaming afraid, but he just wouldn't go near him. I'm pretty sure it's because of the Bumble Bee song we sing - he just didn't want to get stung!

After the park Aunt Stephanie & Cousin Avah came over and we dyed Easter Eggs - I was very impressed with how good the kids did! Even the little ones had fun playing together on the play mat!

We wrapped up the weekend on Sunday celebrating at Grandpa & Grandma K's. We had a relaxing day full of yummy food and family time! And of course, hunting for Easter Eggs!!

And finally, how cute are these little ones:


Sharie said...

I will visit your Blog to keep updated on your family/pics. Great idea. That's how I keep updated on nieces/nephews and their young families. So special!

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful idea, I might have to try to steal it! I love what you've done and what a sweet Easter picture! Tina O

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