Tuesday, April 19, 2011

10 on 2sday

It's high time for a 2sday post, isn't it?  Well, I sure hope I can do the last few weeks justice with this post... Lots going on in our world these days!!

First, a few things Evan has been up to:

1.  He started zipping his jacket all by himself, and buckling his seat belt, too.  Those are pretty big 'wins' in my book, but I have to admit I teared up a bit when he ran up to me, as excited as could be, and showed me his zipped up jacket.  For some reason that just propelled him into official big kid status for me.  It makes me wonder how I will react when he learns how to tie his shoes...

2.  We have been working on very basic math skills with Evan, and I can't believe how much he is picking up!  We use our fingers to add and take away, and we use objects to do the same.

3.  Evan attended Kindergarten round up recently, and when the letter first came, his wide-eyed look as I read it to him made me a little nervous about how he would react.  But when I picked him up after his time at school, he reported that he LOVES school!  I'm glad he had a good first experience with school, and I'm sure hoping that LOVE of school continues as he goes there every day, all day!

4.  Evan has also been busy preparing for a very special day coming up on FRIDAY!  He found a toy catalog that came in the mail a while back and I'm pretty sure he circled about 85% of the toys in it!

Now for the girls... I do feel a little bad not giving each of them there own "section", but so much of what they do, they do together... it's just easier this way.  And easier is better!

5.  The girls started asking me to pour their milk from their cup onto their cereal these days.  That's a big step considering they still find using a spoon inconvenient.  Milk, cereal, hands... yuck.

6.  The potty is still a fun hang out, although when I finally started cracking down and taking them out of the bathroom when they started standing up, sitting down, standing up, sitting down... it became less fun for them, and we don't hang out in the bathroom as much anymore.  Brynn did pee in the toilet once.  When I heard what she did and got all excited for her, she really didn't have much of a reaction (like Avery did anyway), she was mostly like, yeah... it's all good!

7.  I'm really looking forward to the girls heading out of their destructive phase.  Mostly so I could turn their drawer back around and actually use it...  but also so they don't destroy Evan's things... like the sword balloon we waited in line 45 minutes to get.  The answer to my facebook post:  2 minutes.  It only took 2 minutes for the balloon to be popped after we got home. (It's odd that 2 minutes seems to be a theme around our house...)

8.  We had some really nice weather for a while, but it's turned nasty again... so seeing this picture (especially today) is making me REALLY want nice weather again...
Brynn has decided she no longer needs our help to go down the 'big girl' slide anymore.  It made me a little nervous at first, but she rides this slide like a champ...

And a few others...

9.  I decided on a head shot to add to my website... my friend, Angie of Jungling Photography took this shot.  Now I just need to figure out what to write about myself.  Oddly enough, I'm stumped.

10.  Our trip is coming up very soon.  I'm excited about it, but it's so strange to think about leaving the kids for such a long time (a week).  But I must say, it's much needed - Dan and I don't get too many opportunities to have an actual conversation, so that's probably what I'm looking forward to the most.  I guess we will have a very LOOOOONG conversation on the flight over...  Wish us luck!

So, going back through my posts to add links to this one, I realized it has been well over a month since I posted my last 10on2sday... yeesh!  It really didn't feel like it had been that long!


Elaine said...

Letting out a big sigh and exhale, whew...2sdays post. Thank you.

Christy said...

Love the headshot..it's BEAUTIFUL!!!

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