Tuesday, December 1, 2009

new traditions

I have no idea at what age "passage of time" becomes relevant for children - but I do know it isn't at 3 years old.

Evan thinks every day is his birthday, every morning is Christmas, and when I tell him Christmas isn't for another month (ish), he has no idea what that means.

(any guesses what he asked Santa for Christmas?)

So I decided to try something new this year that will hopefully become a new tradition, help spark some creativity, and also help Evan understand a little better what "25 days until Christmas" means.

Wait a minute.

Did I just say 25 days left until Christmas?


I did.


The wonderful new tradition (hopefully) that we started was making a chain out of construction paper that has 25 links in it. Before we put it together we decorated each chain "Christmas-y." Now, each day (starting this morning) we will be pulling a link off - growing that much closer to Christmas.

Now Evan has a visual to remind him that we have to eat "that many more breakfast's" until Christmas!

(Evan asked Santa for Chick Hicks, seriously, and Santa looked at him like he was crazy, or, just a 3-year-old that he couldn't understand)

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Stacy Heyderhoff said...

What a great idea!! So creative...

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